Our Strategy

TLC's strategy has been developed to rapidly find, develop and deploy mandated security solutions for the smart grid. We track known and potential security breaches, security mandates for grants, field recalls, and OEM security guideline requirements.

Partnerships have been established to rapidly engage these targets offering the necessary business and technology support to strategically penetrate the smart grid security market place. Each of those strategic partnerships expand our base of opportunities, where we also offer solutions and development services.

There are over 140 available projects just in stimulus based projects with the majority of these projects being funded by the private sector. TLC has established relationships with professionals already working on smart grid security projects. The companies and individual are a who's who list of smart grid and cyber security professionals, organization and corporations. These contacts are the key to working with large organizations like power companies and the Department of Energy.

This approach and the immediate targeting of known smart grid security vulnerabilities offer TLC expeditious and professional entry in to hundreds of smart grid security projects. These projects are currently being selected using criteria of urgency, development support, field testing support and supplier partnerships. This methodology will be used to continually refine the selection of smart grid security projects assuring immediate and on going revenues while also offering partnership that will support a reduction in development cost and cost of sales.

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