TLC Secure is a solutions firm that offers universal encryption technology to secure devices and meters for use in the Smart Grid. TLC's unique value is that it alone can provide cohesive security and encryption across the grid, since its technology works with most vendors regardless of protocols or transmission media. TLC’s product is mature, vendor agnostic and US government tested and certified.
The Smart Grid is an electricity, gas and water, network that can intelligently integrate behaviors and actions of all users connected to it, such as generators and consumers, as well as those that do both. The purpose of the system is to efficiently deliver sustainable, economic and secure electricity supplies. It is a $40 billon market in the U.S. alone, but has cyber security threats to the fragmented security approaches and much vulnerability.
The main product of the company is computer software, which secures just above the hardware level, allowing it to work with virtually of all existing networks and applications, regardless of protocols or communications media. The software has many advantages over its competitors and substitutes.
It has many advantages over its competition, since the product is very cost effective, transparent, fast, scalable, efficient, secure, and works with almost every network.

The core technology was originally developed to provide secure, mobile networks, designed to meet needs of multiple federal and military agencies. The product currently holds multiple NIST certifications and FIPS 140-2
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